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Mariam & Daniel

We didn't know what to expect creating this same day edit for Mariam & Daniel. It started with following them through an evening at Toronto's CNE that included rides, games, food trucks... and more food trucks. We then held impromptu interviews with unprepared family and friends only two days before the wedding and got some great candid stories and insights. The day of the wedding also included a unscheduled stop at McDonald's for a fast food break.

Although we had some elements pre-filmed, we had no chances to start pre-editing and cut completely from scratch the morning of August 30 (of course before posting online we do a few tweaks here and there). We find that when a couple's energy and love is so grand and natural, it makes our job that much easier. We continue to strive towards more creative and personal wedding videos, and we think Mariam & Daniel are perfect case of accomplishing that mission.

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