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Monica & Peter

Monica & Peter are a pretty down to earth couple that wanted a video telling a personal story, without being too dramatic or over the top…so you could say that we kind of pranked them in the opening of their video. Although there is meaning behind it too. When asked about their first date, they couldn't really recall one. Monica and Peter had grown close as friends for years and naturally progressed into a relationship. To reflect this we researched something to symbolize their story - from scientific to geographical. Being of Brazilian decent (and a large visiting family for the wedding) we drew our inspiration from Brazil. So in One & Only fashion, we put together some surprise elements.

Act 1 | Narrated by the maid of honour and best man, we tacked on colour filters and letter boxing. Since Peter is a huge fan of Mumford and Sons we used an instrumental of theirs in the background. The record stops, the filters are stripped, and Monica and Peter break out laughing, which is a great intro into their personalities.

Act 2 | 00:40 | Now that the video has kicked into the next gear, we wanted these interviews to move faster than usual, paced without many breaths or even segues. We wanted to put out as much information as fast as possible. The photos were also obtained in secret from their parents and what we found on the web. We also snuck in another Mumford & Sons song in the background.

Act 3: | 2:04 | One of our most magical transitions. Peter's dad summarizes as the music ends and we see raw moments from the pre-shoot. As he describes his vision of their future, a new song kicks in, with a beautiful reveal shot of Monica. It couldn't have timed any better. All of the emotion of the day is contained in one shot at 2:56 of Monica waiting to walk down the aisle.

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