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Ashley & John

From the breathtaking venue, Xcaret, to the warmth of all of the friends and family, this was truly an unforgettable experience we'll cherish for always. A great part about destination weddings is how much more content there is to share. From the wedding film to outtakes, there's many moments yet to come in Ashley & John's final package.

Intro // We welcome you to Mexico through a special tribal experience that transitioned guests from ceremony to the reception. We decided to stay raw on this cold open, with it's atmospheric tone. After a little joke to lighten things up, we transition with a real takeoff for the video…the plane taking off, of course.

Act 1 - In contrast to the intro, everything is bright and colourful. We tease the wedding prep, while showing off sites of the wedding destinations in Mexico. As the words to the song begin we finally come back to Ashley and John, getting ready for the big moment.

It’s always a challenge to come up with a unique first reveal, but after a late night stroll around the resort we came up with something perfect. We had Ashley wait out on the balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. John would have to come through the suite and pass through the curtains. Here we added some audio of the resort to create a dream like tone to the moment. The only part we couldn’t plan was John’s emotion and you can see him tear up on camera!

Act 2 - Some fun filtered photoshoot shots transition us to the ceremony and reception highlights. When we saw the giant doors during our location scout, we just knew we had to get this epic entrance for Ashley to enter the church.

Act 3 - We leave the fun version of our song to hear some beautiful words from both Ashley and John. We chose some filtered shots from a rooftop photoshoot of just the two of them. As John speaks we fade in a more sentimental cover of the song. Once the chorus hits, we pack in some of the most intimate and magical moments of the two of them. That moment in the church where they look at teach other, hand in hand - we wish we could take credit for it!

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