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Marianne & Brian

Inspired by some funny videos Marianne had shared with us, we decide to see what they would spill about each other and we definitely learned some awesome quirks about them. Since Brian had first seen Marianne at his university Library, we decided to place their interviews in front of Runnymede Library. And as fortune would have it, we got to film them at the location of their second date - the Beaches Jazz Festival. This video would serve as an introduction before their reception entrance.

For the frame of the video we actually follow the day chronologically, however each section of the day fits in it’s own subject. A re-creation of their first date swapped as their first look is by far one of the more poetic moments we’ve ever captured (see Act 2).

Act 1 - Tea Ceremonies + Family

As Brian mentions later on, some very important things to him and Marianne are family, friends and culture. They especially wanted to make sure their parents were shown appreciation for, and so we started off the video asking them what this day meant beyond the two of them. As they talk about family, we knew it would be a perfect match to intercut the tea ceremonies they had with each of their parents before heading off to change for their marital ceremony. The last shot of this sequence is a teaser of Marianne entering the ceremony.

Act 2 - First Look + First Date - 01:23

Stars aligned too well for this. Upon the discover that for their first date they met right down the street from where they would be getting ready, there really wasn’t a choice of where to do the first look. The best part is that after learning the story, we decided to have them swap roles and re-create the moment - unbeknownst to the other. It really doesn’t get anymore poetic or perfect than this. From there we go to the photoshoot and also sneak in another shot of Marianne going down the aisle.

Act 3 - Ceremony(and everything) + Being Soul Mates - 2:40

We start off learning about their deeper connection. For the ceremony we made sure to still acknowledge the parents and we show them sending off their kids to a new chapter.

As the song peaks, we intercut fun candid shots from throughout the day.

A good ending is important, and this one uses the following elements: The first kiss as a still shot held for 10 seconds before tilting up into a fade. It’s the first time we see Marianne & Brian face to face during the wedding ceremony. The backdrop fills the background beautifully. And Brian’s sound bite couldn’t have been more perfect.

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