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Sandra & Fadie

Sandra & Fadie wanted their SDE to feel like a smooth & stylish music video, and without voice overs like narration or card readings. The task was to balance cool & fun with romantic and intimate. Fadie is a huge fan of Drake, so it wasn't a surprise when their song list included "Hold on We're Going Home". When we found this amazing cover we knew we hit the jackpot.

Act 1: The Journey 00:00-1:45 | Appropriately using the song, this section tells a story of Sandra & Fadie arriving at their destination. It's framed with a pre-shoot about travelling together (from boats to elevators) and intercut with parallel shots of their preparations on the wedding day. Finally we end with them a yacht gazing towards their destination of Toronto...but really it's all been a symbol for arriving at their ceremony and beginning this new chapter.

Act 2: The Ceremony 1:46 | Now arrived at the church, we establish and build up to the big moment where she walks down the aisle. 2:12 | We cut to a slower part of the song, showcasing the ceremony; bride's entrance, groom's reaction, parents watching, key ceremonial moments, and final walk out.

Act 3: The Celebration 2:45 | Exit the church and enter the reception. Nearly the rest of the video is now made up of fun moments from the photo-shoot and reception. We tried to keep the POV bottle shots in sequence of each persons motion. 3:07 | The final three shots return us to the bride & groom being very intimate and romantic. If you pay close attention you'll notice we never show Sandra & Fadie kiss for the entire video until the very last shot, and boy is it a kiss worth waiting for!

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