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Christina & Tommy

From the first hour to the last, this day was filled with the most love and laughter you could imagine. These guys sure know how to have a good time (any more Croatian weddings out there? sign us up!). We do want to take a moment to apologize to the cows and chickens from the photoshoot that didn’t make this cut.


Act 1 // Taking us Higher The morning of their wedding day was as much of a party as the reception later that night. We opened the video the same way - full of fun and energy. For the first 30 seconds we show mostly friends and family, before zoning in on Christina & Tommy. Seeing that the fun continued in their entrance, it fit perfectly before going back to the start.

Act 2 // Best Friends // 1:06 We feel interviews should be a bit focused in themes or narratives. Sometimes it’s about the history of how they met or quirks about each other - for this one we asked them the simple core of what they mean to each other and what they were looking forward to the most that day. We didn’t prep them on the questions and when they gave similar answers, our crew had a telepathic high five. You know you're capturing true love when their answers frame the story for you :)

Act 3 // Living the Dream // 2:16 We loved being able to get a fluid glide of Christina’s entrance that holds for about 12 seconds. While some parts of our videos have fast cuts, holding on a magic moment really let’s you take it all in.

Truth be told, one of the first things we edited that day was Tommy’s final line placed exactly where it is. It was impossible not to get choked up sitting at the back of the church editing that line (so don’t lie, we know you did too!)

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