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Mira & Kiro

There was one thing we all agreed on before anything else, and that was to have a before & after transition shot while dancing at the reception venue. Being storytellers, we knew we wanted a build up for this moment, and so this is how we did just that:

1. Right off the bat we opened with a before and after of entering the reception. We only did a fades in between these shots. 2. At about halfway in the video we did individual before & after shots for each. This time we used objects to cross frame, a film technique that hides the transitions better. 3. Entering the climax of the video Kiro spins Mira from a normal day into their wedding. This would be a cross dissolve to make the transition and smooth and seamless as possible.

Now a little story no one knows is how we came about that cute sign “I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day”. Kiro had seen it on an Instagram post from Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Festival and thought it would be a cool spot…the only problem was that we couldn’t figure out where it was. We all followed the location tag and searched the area, and refused to give up. Finally we found it tucked away in a little courtyard and it was totally worth it!

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