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Moloud & Reza

Meeting at their condo, we noticed Moloud & Reza had a lot of vintage decor. They had a strong appreciation for history, so it wasn’t too surprising when Reza suggested visiting milestone locations in their relationship. Playing on nostalgia, we decided to do two things we hadn’t before - documentary and black & white.

With the documentary aspect, we kept it in black and white. Anything that was more of a “flashback” or reflection of the moment would be in color. We also wanted to shoot all the color moments using the in-camera effect of lens-whacking. The reason for the “flashback” being in color is because we felt like memories should be vibrant and dreamy as opposed to neutral black & white used for reminiscing.

They also wanted their friends to be represented in the video so we kept it simple by asking them to describe Reza & Moloud in one word…but we ended up shooting much more. However as we were editing, we found the more we used, it took away from the flow that had been established with the documentary. Instead we placed the two responses around the video as planned, and it provides a really great lighter tone.

Moloud seemed to like very traditional & classy things too, so we thought the video needed a medium pace and our shots would reflect a more classical romanticism (ie. the first look or balcony shot at Graydon Hall Manor). There are more awesome drone shots and friend interviews that didn’t even fit into the same day edit, so we can’t wait to feature them in the wedding film! As for that the final words in the video, we promise it wasn’t scripted; it turns out Reza is quite eloquent!

Event Planning and Design: Enaya Rabba,

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