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Dagmara & Dane

One of the ideas that stood out from our conversations was to have a story to tell in 20 years. With that in mind, we directed this edit for an audience that didn’t know the couple. Another interesting factor was that their music choices came from different eras, so we subtly added various visual styles through the video as well (can you point them out?).

Dagmara had a special music box belonging to her mother that played La Vie En Rose. It was her idea to use it as a transition to the real song, so we got a nice clean recording of it and thought it would be nice to start off the video with opening titles.

ACT 1 - LA VIE EN ROSE / SPARK Before getting to know them individually, we thought the audience would want to see what they were like together; almost like having a teaser or cold open. The First Look was a perfect choice to accomplish this. The emotion and warmth just shines through, complemented by insights from their friends.

ACT 2 - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE / PERSONALITIES Transitioning into the individual section, this opening line from Dane’s father was great. You know you’ve struck gold when someone says “they don’t know this…” Overall this section was about learning about them individually from the interviews, paired with shots from preparation. Then we top it off by learning about what changed when they came together (which influenced the before & after shots that start off each of their segments).

ACT 3 - SWEET CHILD O' MINE / UNION At this point it’s finally time to hear from the couple themselves, and what better than the personal vows they wrote to each other. Did we mention how much we loved that romantic fireplace ceremony at Graydon Hall Manor? Winter Weddings can really rock! Knowing they both love to dance, we wanted to crescendo by having clips from everyone dancing at the reception. Lastly, our denouement takes the audience away from everyone and all the celebration to see them alone sharing an intimate moment. There’s just something very sweet about that.

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