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Myrna & Sherif

Myrna and Sherif had a good idea for what kind of video they wanted and gave us some examples based on our past work. One specific request was to have the first look at the church be during the drop, coming out of the bridge, of “Love Me Like You Do”. We’re sure glad they did, because Sherif’s reaction was so joyful, it can only be compared to a child seeing Santa Claus for the first time. You can’t help but smile as you see his face light up at the sight of his beautiful bride.

The plan with the first song was to build to that drop, and as Myrna and Sherif finally meet down the aisle, we juxtapose with taking off in a helicopter to the highest point of the city right above the CN Tower as symbol. If you couldn’t tell, part two was all about the fun and less formal aspects of the day, from popping champagne to starbucks toasts!

A special thanks to Nate Dionisio Photography for capturing the pre-shots during their amazing helicopter shoot

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