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Ola & Mo

We would best describe our stylistic approach to Ola & Mo's edit as 'dreamy'. We always affirm that songs can influence the direction of a creative video, and there's no exception here. The way some of the shots move and how they're cut between another reflects the flow of a dream. We don't necessarily try to show every moment in the wedding, but sometimes show shots that reflect the feeling of moments. Even in the first look we've layered in some raw sounds, but kept them lower in the background to continue that dream-like feel.

This is also one of those times where we didn't do any pre-shooting. We've been asked before if it we can still manage something stylistic or creative without having pre-shoots and I think this is a great example of doing just that. We even have shots in this video that you've never seen from us before (which you'd think would be impossible after all this time).

Event Planning and Design: Enaya Rabba,

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