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Sally & Moe

When Sally mentioned contrasting day and night, it made us realize that we hadn’t done many shoots after sunset. If you include their song choice, it was the perfect combination to have more dramatic visuals. We absolutely had a blast creating some powerful shots and creative edits to compliment the music.

Sally wanted to start the video off with something light and entertaining. She told us about how they like to joke around and we used that to motivate our questions. It’s worth noting to future couples that these interviews can take about 30 minutes (not including camera set-up), and in this case we used about a minute and forty seconds worth. Needless to say we do make some tough decisions on what to exclude from the edit. Ultimately we want the best edits possible and strong pacing to the video. There are some great stories and moments that will be saved for the Wedding Film and Extended Features.

We felt that it could be jarring to go from the laughs directly into a dramatic song and fate provided the perfect transition. When they told us a group of drummers and a saxophone player would be welcoming them into their reception. It’s been a long time since we used raw entrance in a Creative Wedding Video, and it was the best timing to showcase it. The audio we used is only the intro before Sally & Moe entered the room. We could have made it longer, but felt that a taste would be much better (once again referring to pacing).

If you were to pay attention to which shots are cut next to each other, or even the last and first frames, you’ll see where we had our fun. As usual, nothing is un-intentional with our work.

This was also the first time we’ve used the drone inside the reception hall. We are always very safe and cautious with drones and rarely use them indoors. The setup at this venue provided us with the opportunity to break new ground ( air?).

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