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Irene & Sherif

It all started when Sherif showed us a clip of a film with an opening scene following a character’s feet. We came up with this idea, for what we called, a ‘pixar’ style opening. The idea was to tell a story of moments in a relationship from the foot level. Some liberties were taken with Irene & Sherif’s actually story. They didn’t exactly meet in a grocery store, but while attending a mutual friends get together they were set up by their friends by being asked to go to the store and get some pasta. It served as a chance for them to get to know each other a bit, and so we implemented the grocery store and a can of pasta for the first moment. Sherif did actually propose in by the lake, so we did keep some parts accurate.

As much as we are about high concepts and personalization, creativity also comes in forms of shooting & editing techniques. In this case the music provided some cool opportunities, like the cuts between the shoes and the dress or the ring bearer & flower girl walking down the aisle. We also decided to throw in some split screen shots, which we haven’t really done since 2013 (unless someone remembers another time?).

creative montage // same day edit //

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