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Christine & Tony

We were really impressed that Tony wrote a song to propose to Christine. As you would expect, our gears started turning and we knew this had to be incorporated in the video. Of course, the song was longer then what we included, but we cut it down in order to balance out the video with more segments. This video got the 3 act even split. We started with a fun trip down memory lane with Christine telling their first date story. We thought it would be fun to do an old 8mm look to it and make the scenes look vintage. Toronto has some great areas to capture this look, around St.Lawrence Market and the Distillery District. Our favourite parts were the shots where they posed like a photo. After the date story, it's now Tony's turn and he starts up the song he wrote. At this point we simply included some shots form early in the day to build things up, and during the bridge portion of the song we brought in the ceremony. After the song ends we go into the 3rd Act, which is a cute whimsical song filled with candids from throughout the day. We really like the way this one was paced out with the 3 segments. It makes the video feel faster than most due to the change in content. Each segment stands on its own, but works best all together.

// creative montage // same day edit //

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