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Sandra & John

An interview session usually goes about 30 minutes, and Sandra & John were on par. You always have to make tough choices on what to include in a 3-4 minute video from all that content. There were a lot great bits about their time from high school and university and even the cool backstory of their dog Shakes. All in all you have to pick the best parts to tell your story while staying true to the people it’s about. It’s a part of the process that we just find to be a fun challenge!


1. We start things off pretty simple and take our time telling some backstory, mixed with the pre-shoot. Since we have some history, we try to incorporate some old photos. We also hold off showing wedding shots right away. You have to like how we timed the placement of the titles. This is pacing 101: we wanted to keep the tempo a bit slower at this point, so that when we raise it by the end the audience will feel it.

2 @1:20

Here we sandwich the ceremony in between two fun stories. Normally we don’t go back and forth as much, but it’s a great way to take the audience on a rollercoaster and keep the video feeling fresh. Behind the Scenes: Originally we had planned to stop at Nandos to get a shot of them eating. To us, there is nothing more awesome than getting a shot in your wedding attire somewhere meaningful to your history. Unfortunately time was starting to go against us. The perks of having a crew of four means that someone can go grab Nandos takeout while the rest are out shooting and editing. We made sure to wait until the photographers had what they needed, and finished off the photo session with the Nandos shots. It takes a few extra minutes, but we think it’s worth it :)

3. @2:35

Next we get sentimental, revealing some qualities of the other. This would be the emotional climax of the interviews. This is how you engage the audience deeper and getting them softened again, then a quick laugh before going into the final montage. For the final montage we continued the motif of going back and forth between some fun shots and some intimate ones. To cap things off, we end nicely on a few of the most captivating shots to for a high note. A little thing we like to do sometimes: we held back showing a big kiss until the final shot.

// creative montage // same day edit //

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