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Alisha & Alan

It was apparent that the city of Toronto was more than just a city they lived in. It had a life and personality that attributed to their story. They wanted to shoot around many of the milestone locations in their history, but wanted a creative twist to the execution. Naturally, that’s where we take over. We pitched having a more urban-commercial style to the video, of which they were receptive. So they grabbed their bikes and we set about the town. This concept really gave way to having more candid moments than usual with all the extra angles we shot. We were moving around so much that we’re pretty sure they didn’t even think we were filming half of the time. It was a lot of fun experimenting with transitions and incorporating different looks for this section. The cherry on top was coming up with a theme, with the use of titles, that would hint at their story and remain universal.

We ended up deciding to split the video into two parts and keep the wedding on its own. In this case we kept the same song, but simply used a different version that carried more emotion for the wedding day. We rarely incorporate timelapses, but something about the opening of the song just called for it, which was great since Alan had suggested doing a timelapse when we first met. If only we could show you even more of the fantastic venue and unique aspects of the rest of the night!

creative montage // same day edit //

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