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Véronique & Nicolas

The story of how they lived on the same street seems like fate, and so does the story of how they came to be with us. A former fellow student of one our team members happened to be friends with the couple and recommended us based on what she had seen on his social media. Through their awesome wedding planner, Julie Barake, they contacted us just before we filmed in Ottawa (see the awesome NardIne & Sherif video). As fate had it, we were able to meet the day before our shoot, and despite travel delays we got into the city just in time to make the meeting.

It turned out we had actually met their photographers, Studio GR Martin, once before in 2015 when shooting for Bride & Groom Magazine, the only other time we shot in Ottawa. We also realized this would be the first time in years that we did not have any pre-shot material going into the Same Day Edit, so it felt like were being challenged to take everything we had learned over the years and go back to how we started.

The cherry on top had to be that Véronique’s father used to be a wedding videographer. Believe it or not, that was a first for us. Fast forward a year later and we find ourselves in the process of retiring from weddings. We decide 2017 will be our last full season, and since we hadn’t had any bookings passed their date, we acknowledge that Véro & Nic’s is the clear destined wedding to end on. We had such a good time in Ottawa in 2016, that having a send off weekend in the country’s capitol on it’s 150th anniversary year was just too easy :)

Whether you believe in fate or not, you can’t ignore the facts.

We’ve written a lot about our process, structure and the motivations behind our videos. However, for this piece every shot and edit has been so carefully chosen that we’re going to let you take it in and read it for yourself. We hope this serves as a benchmark for the quality all couples deserve and the standard all videographers should deliver. A final thank you to both this awesome couple and both their families for welcoming us and ensuring a weekend to remember!

creative montage // same day edit //

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