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Marina & Michael

The reason none of our videos are the exact same as another is due to a process that starts with you. We believe every wedding photo or video producer should first seek inspiration from their couples. We’ve crafted a process that’s implemented with each new couple and while we do have many concepts in our back pocket, the official creative meeting, or concept brainstorm session, is the most crucial in creating a personalized wedding montage. Sometimes these session can go for well over an hour, or even a few when good conversation gets in the way :P

Marina & Mike answered all sorts of questions and we answered theirs. Some couples want it dramatic, some want it cutesier. Some want no talking, others love interviews. We even encourage you to tell us which of our videos you didn’t like and find out why - the same going for the ones you loved. Marina & Mike included our video for Nardine & Sherif in their like-list. They seemed to like the motif of the notes framing the video and how it showcased something cute and personal between the couple. It was something outside of the wedding that had a story and connected back. That became a key note for us in finding that inspiration.

Mike’s proposal story was the spark…but how to turn that into a creative visual? One idea in our back pocket was to create something inspired off The White Stripes music video for the song Hardest Button to Button. Obviously we didn’t exactly go for the same concept, but I think you can see the slight inspiration in what we did here. That’s kind of the beauty of how ideas come together. It’s like taking ingredients from different types of recipes, changing the measurements and creating something of your own. Naturally we knew we had to end that portion of the video with a star map for the wedding day and Mike organized to have it ready - and of course we had to take advantage of the amazing view atop The Globe and Mail to really cap it off!

creative montage // same day edit

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