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Mary & Sherif

We had always wanted to do a cooking themed video, so when Sherif told us how much they liked to cook, we knew there was a fun concept to produce.

We scripted a narration about cooking, but as an analogy to a relationship. Mary & Sherif had also mentioned how they wanted people to know more about them, so we asked how they would relate their own personalities to food - which led us to the savoury and sweet portion. Finding that lamb shank was quite a mission, but it ended being a perfect fit.

For the cooking portion, we actually had the fortune of filming them in the same exact food truck that would be outside the venue of the wedding.

Part of our motto is to make drone shots interesting. It's easy to simply show an aerial shot of something, but our job as visual artists is to use our tools to the best of our abilities. Here we got accomplish two awesome drone shots; a heart shape formed by the bridal party and a church entrance that feels like a normal camera until it jolts up to the sky. Believe it or not this magic did take some staging and a few takes :P

Special Mention:

Event Planning and Design: Enaya Rabba,


The Award of Distinction is awarded for projects that exceeded industry standards.

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