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Hala & Antonio

It’s the final stretch for our time in the wedding business. Gearing up to say goodbye, we have to go out as strong as ever!

There were quite a few chuckles during the creative meeting with Hala & Tony. Seeing their fun banter really encouraged going in the direction of doing interview clips. I’m really glad with how the pre-shoot shots turned out. We were around Caledon, where they were having a photoshoot, and found some great locations. I wanted two distinct backgrounds for each of their interviews and I loved the small-town/cottage area vibes.

We present the first section as only prep highlights before interrupting with only interview/preshoot section. Being a same day edit, I liked the idea that the guests would have a slight surprise as the video shifts away from a montage. As usual we wanted to shake things up visually. To start, we used a simple transition: to exit the wedding day, we had Tony exit frame and enter the next for the interview. From that point we have funny back and forth anecdotes, ending off with a few teaser shots of the ceremony.

Now we get into some real talk about what they love about the other. Hala exits screen to enter the next on the wedding day as a transition back to the day of, now being mixed with the interviews. You’ll see some almost-match-frame cuts which I’ve always been a fan of. I didn’t want the interviews to be in one big section so we go back and forth a bit. We montage the ceremony, go back to final words and then the final montage moments. The shots of them entering the reception might qualify amongst our all-time bests…of course, we have to credit the assist from those sparklers!

creative montage // same day edit

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