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Marina & Andrew

There was something so wholesome and nostalgic about the pre-shoot. They were driving a 1964 Corvette, dressed accordingly and having a picnic by the countryside. It felt like we were in a different time period, when life was simpler. They were playing games without needing to be entranced by a smart phone (this was inspired by Marina & Andrew’s actual habit of breaking out into games and competitions). That’s why we decided to switch back and forth as much as we did.

The opening served as a set up that we would re-visit after the ceremony. In a way we felt like the pre-shoot footage represented a pure and natural state. It felt like we were watching them in another life. It didn’t matter if they were in a Corvette or a Ferrari, by the water of a big city or the fields of the farmland, isolated or surrounded by loved ones, because at the end of the day their love was still the same.

To be honest we could have made the entire video just from the pre-shoot. There’s so much more content, such as Marina & Andrew playing soccer, that will be saved for outtakes and the wedding film.

We did some fun transitions; some of which were planned and some not. It wasn’t an easy task coordinating and getting the necessary shots during the wedding day, but we managed as always :) And if you’re wondering why they were being carried into their reception, it was the “Prince Ali” portion of their Disney inspired entrance.

Marina & Andrew told us that “return of the mac” was a song they shared. We never got the full story, but even though it wasn’t an appropriate wedding song, we got creative and had it play from the car during the intro. That’s the level of personal touch we take pride in bringing to our work. We call it “finding a way”.

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