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Natasha & George

When George said he wanted to include a Star Wars scene in their wedding video, our eyes widened. Some of us are Star Wars fans and relished at the opportunity to bring out our nerdy side. Coming up with the right concept was a bit tricky. As we discussed with Natasha and George, we didn’t want the Star Wars element to take over the video, so we decided to have it in the middle. George’s only request was that we have a post-credit type clip and that he get to ‘cue the music’.

The inception of the idea was, well, inspired by Inception Reception. We though it would be a great surprise to everyone watching the video if all of a sudden George and Nat walked out of the church an into their scene. Of course it took a few details, costumes, and visual effects - most notably we had to shoot both the bride and groom separately in order to keep them from seeing each other in their wedding attire. So yes, that’s just movie magic for you. And when you see George’s arm swing a lightsaber in the foreground of Natasha’s shot, that’s actually one of us wearing his jacket.

It felt like a big favour and risk to ask of a bride to wear her dress outside before her wedding day, but Natasha was game on. I don’t now how they did it, but they managed to keep this part of the video a secret to everyone. The only part we shot on the day of was the McDonalds scene, which may have confused some bridal party members in attendance.

When the video played during the reception the guests exploded and the roof blew off the venue! (not literally) We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction.

And as mentioned earlier, we didn’t want it to take away from the rest of the wedding, so we kept up the energy and got into an upbeat montage of some fun and memorable moments from the day.

PS did you notice BB-8 was having a happy meal?

// creative montage // same day edit //

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