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Valentina & Carl

A friend recently stated to me that a montage is easy because it’s just a bunch of shots thrown together at random… we strongly differ. We believe montages deserve the same careful and calculated process as a good narrative and that’s why we call our videos “Creative Montages”. Some of our montages have a literal story with people speaking, while others have visual narrative. Every choice should be motivated to serve the overall style of video inspired by the couple. Today we give insight into some of the choices in the first 30 seconds of Valentina & Carl’s video…

Much like a few past videos, Valentina & Carl didn’t have a pre-shoot, any alternative content, soundbites, or interviews - it was to be a pure montage of the day. This requires calculated choices on every shot in relation to the story we are telling and fun stylistic visuals to match.

The opening to a video sets the tone, and they wanted this video to have a sexy and fun vibe, so we paired some mysterious & dynamic shots with music expressing a growing anticipation. Starting behind Carl’s back as his head raises, signifying the start of something important on the horizon. Then coming down from light to reveal Valentina’s eyes opening, signifying the beginning of something with eyes open.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. When the lyrics kick in, it didn’t feel right to have a shot of the dress or suit just yet. The feeling was that we needed something with energy so it had to be shots with people, but not in profile, nor as mysterious as the first two shots we just saw.

The first one we chose of Carl looking out a window, distant with objects in the foreground. It goes with the lyrics “looked out at the sun” and shows more of him then before, but not too much - adding to feeling of anticipation. Next we follow behind Valentina, reading ’Wifey’ on her robe and she waves her hands in slow motion. This was chosen because, once again, we’re still not in a profile of her and she the slow motion of her hands in the air says we are about to have fun, and will pay off once the drop hits and the video picks up speed. Sometimes editing with feeling can lead to fun observations and although different framing & actions, the first four shots are: 1) Carl’s back, 2) Val’s side, 3) Carl’s side, 4) Val’s back.

We’ve started with some teaser shots, but now we’re going to take a quick break from the couple to see what they will be wearing. This keeps the anticipation building further.

Next we finally start getting to see our couple more clearly. The first shot of this appropriately starts with Valentina’s dress being secured and the camera lifts up to reveal her. Now, we don’t have her in a perfectly clean shot either, it moves fast and into the light because this video isn’t having a major reveal shot, but gradual. Where the window light ends in her shot is similar in placement to the next shot of Carl putting on his watch by a window. Perfectly matched too are the lyrics on the cue saying “you can feel the light start to tremble”.

So that’s the first 30 seconds in a nutshell.

creative montage // same day edit //

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